Gus MacGregor

New Single Release: Under The Sun

Gus MacGregor releases Under The Sun on FOD Records (via Nova/Universal) on May 16TH 2011. Under The Sun has been taken from Gus MacGregor’s eponymous debut album. It features the delicious line “We follow our happy noses” and suggests that contentment can be found by sharing your life with someone else. It’s got a plucked-string refrain that’ll remind you of Echo and the Bunnymen whilst elsewhere you’ll find yourself recalling the finer moments of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. So yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s one of the best singles to be released this year.

Born in Blackpool and signed to the Toronto-based FOD Records, MacGregor initially found success on a London stage starring as Buddy in The Buddy Holly Story. An Olivier Award nomination swiftly followed - for Best Actor In A Musical - but so did self-doubt and a desire to get arrested for busking on the tube. Indeed, MacGregor has said "I think singing in the street is much harder than playing to a packed theatre or concert hall. I think every performer should do it from time to time. It keeps your feet on the ground and exposes your weaknesses in a way that a warm, comfortable auditorium can not." Of course, this would only warrant a doodle on the street map of pop unless Gus MacGregor wasn't such a hugely gifted talent - but he is and it won't be. With a voice like melting butter, MacGregor comes across like a young Paul Simon (yes he's that good) whilst Gus Macgregor - produced by the legendary Bob Rose (Roy Orbison, George Harrison) - has an instant, classic feel, like something you've had knocking around the house for years. It’s enough to make you weak.

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