How Could I Tell You - a brooding verse with a sugar-rush chorus that gets its hooks into you in just one listen” SUNDAY TIMES 1/8/10

Swiss indie heartthrobs Lunik are set to release a new single. Entitled How Could I Tell You, the song is a lover’s lament (“I don’t want to hurt you but it’s true!”) for a relationship that has crashed on the rocks. The track has been produced by Bob Rose and is taken from the bands hugely acclaimed new album Small Lights In The Dark released on F.O.D. Records.

How Could I Tell You is a melodic, melancholic rush of blood to the head or, if you will, as if Coldplay had transformed themselves into a hybrid of Blondie and the Cardigans and decided to never let you forget how addictive pop can become. Typically, Lunik are fronted by the singularly beautiful chanteuse Jael Krebs and massive in their native Switzerland where their albums and singles easily reach the top spot and their presence is as ubiquitous as fancy chocolate and the cuckoo clock. Lunik’s other band members comprise Luk Zimmerman (guitars), Cedric Monnier (keyboards) and Chigrel Bosshard (drums).

Interestingly, three of Lunik have been legally declared psychologically unsound (presumably to avoid a draft system) but thankfully – not ones to let the side down - all four still rehearse in a nuclear bunker.

Lunik have released five studio albums to date (Rumour, Ahead, Weather, Preparing To Leave and Lonely Letters) and each has seen their sound progress enormously - from the retro electro trip-hop of old to the pure pop that’s now a Lunik staple. Small Lights In The Dark sees an even bigger progression, however, a progression that has catapulted the band to the brink of huge international success: in Italy their last three records have all gone Top Ten, in Germany the sense of anticipation is almost palpable and in the USA Universal Records has pledged an astonishing $3m to break the band Stateside.

The things they say:

“Jael Krebs might have to get used to being idolised” –The Times

“Lunik could become one of the few Swiss bands to taste international fame” 4 STARS DAILY MAIL

“Tender, heartfelt pop that gently holds you and soothes your soul” 4 STARS OK MAGAZINE STAR MAG.


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