ME release Another Story High via iTunes on 5th March 2012

Already heralded by Kerrang! magazine as “essentially Queen if every single member was Freddie Mercury” ME are Luke Ferris (voice, guitar, piano), Damian Tapley (guitar, voice), Michael Godde (bass, voice) and Spike Rogers (drums, programming). The band formed in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia although, Australia being Australia, only drummer Spike is from Melbourne itself whereas Damien hails from Perth and Mikey scooted down from the snowy peaks of Mount Beauty. All four are agreed, however, that Melbourne is the epicentre of the Australian music scene. Indeed, Spike suggests that this is because “there are countless pubs, venues on every street corner which have capacities of 25-50 people unlike other cities” whereas Mikey just describes it as “an outburst of happiness with people hugging each other all the time. In fact,” he adds quietly, “no one wants to leave!” Well, after a ten-month residency at the Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne and a sell-out Australian tour supporting alt-rock heroes Dead Letter Circus, leave is something that ME have definitely done – and it’s to our mutual benefit.

Relocating to the UK in 2011, ME have spent the last six months supporting Kasabian, Evanescence and Death From Above 1979 as well as touring with Panic! At The Disco and recording with renowned producer Simon ‘Barny’ Barnicott (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap). The results of the latter excursion can be heard on Another Story High, a six-track mini album that suggests ME are one of the most exciting new rock bands to appear this side of the millennium. Kicking off with Naked, a mini rock opera on the grandest of scales, ME demonstrate that it’s possible to sport influences such as Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead and not sound like any of them. Like A Fox (which follows) is even wilder and boasts the killer line “Wake up, my dreams are so much harder than yours,” which Luke reveals is as “meaningful or as meaningless as you want it to be.” The song is about a mad, debauched night in the life of a single man and not a million miles away from how Griffin Dunne’s character in Martin Scorsese’s After Hours behaves after leaving work for the night. Other tracks on Another Story High betray the band’s other tangible influences – Rachmaninoff, Danny Elfman, Philip Glass and The Beatles; Insert Voice Here could be Lou Reed singing Supertramp until you realise it’s better than that even suggests; Slow Children Run takes its title from a sign that Luke saw somewhere in the UK - “We’ve come to take your lazy children away”; Westward Backwards has a steam punk vibe and appears to be three amazing songs trying to break out of one ridiculously good one; and the haunting, daunting Dutch Medicine which hints at the band’s genuine depth.

But why ME? “Because it’s faintly absurd and un-googlable” they suggest and it’s true that there’s something intangible about both the name and the band. “We use drum troupes and orchestras, we love classical music and theatre and showmanship and we like to go places no one has been to before”, explains Luke. Or, as Kerrang! concluded: “enough deliciously OTT anthems to suggest the big time may soon be their real life not just fantasy.” You can’t say fairer than that.

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