TONY MORTIMER re-records and releases STAY ANOTHER DAY for Xmas 2013…. available on FOD Records and on i-Tunes from December 1st

EAST 17 main-man and current solo artist Tony Mortimer has re-recorded the band’s biggest ever hit, the epic Xmas ballad Stay Another Day, and is due to release it on FOD Records on December 1st 2013. The new release features an acoustic version by Mortimer and a version recorded with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Holland, the orchestra ranked as the best in the world by a Gramophone-selected group of international critics.

Stay Another Day originally reached the No.1 spot in Xmas 1994 and stayed there for five weeks. The song which was penned by Mortimer himself and is about the suicide of his brother Ollie, earned Mortimer an Ivor Novello Award and is unusual amongst pop records in that it features almost no drums. The song is currently featured in an on-going Dorritos commercial.

Visit http://tony-mortimer.com/ .


Barenaked Ladies, who have just completed their hugely successful ‘Last Summer On Earth Tour’ tour of the USA, are about to embark on a new UK tour starting in Manchester on November 25th. The Canadian four-piece who are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of ‘GRINNING STREAK’, their first album for Vanguard Records, have just released their new single ‘Odds Are’ - and the video has clocked up over 1.6 million views already.

BARENAKED LADIES will be appearing live on the following dates:
25TH NOVEMBER Manchester Academy
26TH NOVEMBER Leeds O2 Academy
27TH NOVEMBER Glasgow, 02 Academy
28TH NOVEMBER Edinburgh Picture House
30TH NOVEMBER London IndigO2
1ST DECEMBER Birmingham, The Institute
2ND DECEMBER Dublin, The Academy

Ticket information for the tour can be obtained at: www.gigsandtours.com, www.ticketmaster.ie and www.gigsinscotland.com

Watch their video ‘Odds Are’ here

Barenaked Ladies’ latest album ‘Grinning Streak’ - their 12th - was produced by Gavin Brown (The Tragically Hip, Metric), Howie Beck (Feist, Josh Rouse) and Mark Endert (Maroon 5, Train) and has gained the band’s best UK reviews to date, specifically:

“Stunningly modern” - HI Fi News,
“Ebullient and infectious” – The Mirror
“Poignant and celebratory” – Mojo
“Engaged and innovative – they have greatness in them” – Q magazine
“Affecting rather than affected, Grinning Streak sees cerebral craftsmen who’ve always refused to take music too seriously drop the winking and discover the pleasures of passion. A winner.” Classic Rock Magazine

Watch the amazing video for Barenaked Ladies' single "Odds Are" here - over half a million views on first day's showing …

TONY MORTIMER featuring JULIAN LENNON - RAIN IN ENGLAND (taken from the album 'Songs From The Suitcase') 23/9/13

Tony Mortimer releases a new single on FOD Records on September 23rd 2013. Entitled ‘Rain In England’, this “frankly excellent Beatles/ELO touched” track (Daily Express) is a duet with Julian Lennon and was written by Julian Lennon, Tony Mortimer, XTC’s Andy Partridge and acclaimed composer/producer Marius De Vries (Madonna, David Bowie, U2).
Produced by the legendary Bob Rose at ICP Studios in Brussels and taken from Mortimer’s debut solo album Songs From The Suitcase which was released last month, ‘Rain In England’ also features extensive backing vocals by Lennon and Mortimer and will strike a nerve with anyone who has spent any length of time away from this sceptred isle, this other Eden, indeed, this fortress built by nature herself: ‘You will find me/Lost inside me,/Still holding on, to dreams I’ve left behind/I can hear the rain in England, falling softly, to the ground/And, I can see the hills of England, rolling gently, homeward bound.”

Tony Mortimer is the main man behind East 17, a band who achieved 18 Top Twenty hits (including Deep, Steam, Let It Rain, It’s Alright and the epic Christmas No.1 ballad Stay Another Day, the latter remaining No.1 for five weeks and earning Mortimer an Ivor Novello Award) as well as four Top Ten albums and sales of over twenty million records. The band reformed in 2011 and the following year Tony signed a deal with FOD Records and recorded 'Songs From The Suitcase', his debut album as a solo artist. The title comes from the fact that Tony carries around hundreds of his songs in a suitcase and he says now that the record has offered him the freedom to write about families and relationships and about the possibilities of love and losing that love. Songs include his debut Motown-tinged solo single Shake It Down, the carefree Graceland-esque Long Blow The Wind, the epic and popular All I Need, and Underdog, the wayward son of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, The Beatles I Am The Walrus and David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).

Visit http://tony-mortimer.com/ .

AGGRO SANTOS releases 'LOVE LIKE THIS' on FOD Records in September 2013.

The Brazilian/Anglo rap star Aggro Santos releases his new single ‘Love Like This’ on FOD Records in September 2013. The high tempo track has been produced by world-renowned producer Lu Diaz (PitBull, Flo Rida etc) and will be made available along with several remixes via Supasound, 7th Heaven and Cosmic Dawn. The video for ‘Love Like This’ is directed by David Rousseau, currently the world’s most successful video director and the man responsible for videos by PitBull (featuring artists such as Christina Aguilera, Marc Antony and Shakira), Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez (featuring PitBull) and Lil Wayne – videos which are approaching 3 billion views worldwide.

‘Love Like This’ comes hot on the heels of Santos’ previous successes with ‘Candy’ (which featured Kimberley Wyatt and sold more than 200,000 copies in the UK alone), ‘Saint or Sinner’ and ‘Like U Like’ which featured ex-Girls Aloud member Kimberley Walsh.

Aggro Santos is the real musical deal. Sao Paulo born and South London bred, the 23 year old has been surrounded by beats and rhythm his entire life. Although his music switches uncompromisingly from the pulsating sound of samba to the 2-step of UK Garage, Aggro first fell in love with making music at the age of eight after buying Carlos Santana’s ‘Supernatural’ and mastering the tablature he found on the internet. He then graduated to Jimi Hendrix and taught himself to play drums, guitar and keyboards before auditioning for the BRIT School at the age of fourteen where he played drums for a classmate called Adele. He subsequently chose the name Aggro as he was determined to aggressively make moves in the music business, left the BRIT school, and by the age of 18, he was already a star on Channel U and MTV Base, playing shows all over the UK and selling thousands of copies of his self-financed and distributed mix-tape. One of these ‘Free Yard’ shot to No.1 on Channel U (now AKA) where it stayed for an amazing 18 weeks throughout 2008. The song has now had 600,000 plays on You Tube. In 2010 Aggro Santos was nominated for an Urban Music Award.


The exemplary, nay legendary, Prefab Sprout, release their first album of new material for thirteen years in October 2013. The album is to be titled ‘Crimson/Red’ and will be released on October 7th on Icebreaker Records. ‘Crimson/Red’ has been written and recorded over the past eighteen months and is being hailed as the best Prefab Sprout material since the band’s seminal ‘Jordan: The Comeback’ album way back in 1990. The track listing for the album runs as follows: The Best Jewel Thief In The World; The List Of Impossible Things; Adolescence; Grief Built The Taj Mahal; Devil Came A Calling; Billy; The Dreamer; The Songs Of Danny Galway; The Old Magician; Mysterious.

The last official release by Prefab Sprout, ‘Let’s Change The World With Music’, appeared in 2009 – although the fact that that record had largely been conceived and written some years earlier makes the release of ‘Crimson/Red’ all the more poignant. Prior to that of course, Prefab Sprout – who, for much of their existence, comprised Paddy McAloon, Martin McAloon, Wendy Smith and Neil Conti - sprung to fame with the release of ‘Swoon’ (1984), followed by ‘Steve McQueen’ (1985), ‘From Langley Park To Memphis’ (1988) and ‘Jordan: The Comeback’ (1990), albums which cast Paddy McAloon as “a Cole Porter or Stephen Sondheim for the Morrissey years.”

The band achieved Top 40 success with eight of their albums and their hits include ‘When Love Breaks Down’, ‘Cars And Girls’ and 'The King Of Rock ’n’ Roll.’

‘Crimson/Red’ was conceived and written by McAloon himself who plays all the instruments on the record. Subjects tackled on the album include Bob Dylan (‘Mysterious’), a fondly recalled meeting between Paddy and Jimmy Webb in 1991 (‘The Songs Of Danny Galway’), the arrogance of writing for a living (‘The Best Jewel Thief In The World’), and possibly even Paddy himself (‘The Old Magician’).

BIG PILOT - KEITH ALLEN READS 'GRAVITY PULLS THROUGH' - available via i-Tunes August 27th 2013

Big Pilot are a duo who are about to give the humble audio book a kick up the arse. Combining the talents of writer James Hitchins and musician Alvine Spetz, the duo create original novelettes with illustrations by way of short songs, narrated by the finest British Actors. In a parallel life, Hitchins is a double bassist with an MA in Philosophy and a Great Uncle who worked for the European Space Agency and the Apollo Program whilst Spetz fronts Full English Breakfast whose satirical indie musings have been gathering plaudits since 2009: the Guardian described their eponymous debut album as “genuinely esoteric and obscure," the Sunday Times suggested it was “seriously good” and pulled together “the sound of the Fall, Edwyn Collins, Devo and Wire” and Uncut claimed it was "a highly eccentric but thoroughly engaging electronic/art-pop debut that aligns him with The Fall, Denim and Frank Zappa."

BIG PILOT’s first release is Gravity Pulls Through, a nihilistic sci fi short story penned by Hitchins and narrated by the legendary actor Keith Allen. The piece was commissioned by Spetz with the unreasonable demand that the story should contain references (in no particular order) to a tub of Pluko (hair grease), the stock exchange, Stafford Beer (cybernetics expert), Henry Kissinger, Roy Hattersley and an old carpet, these being the lyrical content of the songs already in the bag for a half-finished album. The results are exemplary and Allen’s monotone delivery complements them perfectly.

BIG PILOT’s very existence is an answer to the question: Haven’t all of us found ourselves in the middle of reading a gripping novel but fancied a song break? Naturally, having now removed the need to press pause and play, the duo have taken their philosophy to its natural conclusion and now subtly encode some of the story’s content into the music itself – and this is a philosophy due to extend to all future audio/music books read by the greatest British actors.

Gravity Pulls Through was written by James Hitchins, narrated by Keith Allen and engineered by Paul Cheese and the music was provided by Alvine Spetz. It is due to be made available via iTunes in August 2013.

For more specific information please visit www.bigpilot.co.uk .

Watch their video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CY6uH2qWhg&sns=em


Mike Marlin, whose new album 'Grand Reveal" has been receiving some extraordinarily good reviews and will be appearing live on tour on the following dates::


Mike Marlin was born in London in the early sixties and brought up in suburbia. When he was four years old he lost an eye while playing in the garden at home. He became something of a child prodigy and at the age of seventeen won a scholarship to Oxford to study Physics. Following a breakdown and family meltdown Mike set up his own technology company and then started a series of businesses that rewrote the rules on technology in markets before becoming a novelist and singer/songwriter. He released an album called “Nearly Man” that he describes as “the greatest hits of a man who never had any hits” and then “Man On The Ground” an album he recorded with Catherine Marks, a producer who spent the last seven years working with acclaimed sound-smiths Alan Moulder and Flood.
Produced by Mike and mixed by Catherine, ‘Grand Reveal’ is a record of shattering depth and substance and has the feel of an instant classic, like something you have had knocking around the house for years.
Mike suggests that the album could be seen as a progression from someone who is happy and in love to someone who is truly murderous – the serial killing track ‘Skull Beneath The Skin’ suggests as much. His haunting, addictive vocal delivery is utterly un-contrived, reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed in their more revealing moments and yet, occasionally, we are transported to a world where Wilco is fronted by Richard Butler or David Bowie. However, it is as a story-teller that Marlin really excels. Upsetting all the right apple carts and as bright, heretical and unusual as any artist these shores have produced this century. His voice is substantial enough to hang your washing on and so dark, brooding and intense you feel that when he sings you are holding something close to your heart like a wounded bird. He’s enigmatic, yes – and believes in “making cathedrals out of matchsticks with no external point of reference”. The last song ‘To The Grave’ sums this up: Mike intones in apocalyptical mantra “Did you learn to wait?” and you know that it is a true story. Like everything on Grand Reveal – it is heartbreaking, true and utterly authentic.

Listen to the single 'The Skull Beneath My Skin'. The album can be accessed via Soundcloud here.

Watch the the video for The Magician.


It’ll be a busy summer for the Barenaked Ladies (guitarist/vocalist Ed Robertson, bassist/vocalist Jim Creeggan, keyboardist/vocalist Kevin Hearn and drummer/vocalist Tyler Stewart), who are celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of ‘GRINNING STREAK’ a brand-new studio album (their twelfth, for those keeping count) and their first for new label Vanguard Records. The band is putting the finishing touches to the album, which was recorded in Toronto with producers Gavin Brown (The Tragically Hip, Metric), Howie Beck (Feist, Josh Rouse) and Mark Endert (Maroon 5, Train). Over the course of the past twenty-three years, Barenaked Ladies have amassed an international fanbase whose members number in the millions. Their plethora of career highlights includes eight Juno Awards and multiple Grammy nominations, more than 14 million albums sold worldwide and a series of hit singles, including No. 1 hit “One Week,” as well as “Pinch Me, “Brian Wilson,” “If I Had $1,000,000” and many more, along with the theme song for the hit CBS television series, “The Big Bang Theory.”

Barenaked Ladies have also announced details of their forthcoming US 2013 “Last Summer On Earth Tour.” Last year’s tour which rollicked through more than thirty sold out arenas and amphitheatres was hailed by Rolling Stone as “one of the ten hottest summer package tours of 2012” whilst Entertainment Weekly spotlighted it on their “2012 Summer Must List” and this year’s lineup sees the multi-platinum-selling Ladies joined by Ben Folds Five and Guster for a hot-ticket-tour set to kick off on June 17th at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, TX. The “Last Summer On Earth 2013” tour will hit 30 arenas and amphitheaters across the country and tickets are available via Ticketmaster.com <http://Ticketmaster.com> and Livenation.com <http://Livenation.com> .
As an added bonus, those who purchase tickets for “The Last Summer On Earth” will receive a voucher for a download of ‘Grinning Streak’ featuring the single “Boomerang.”

The US Dates are as follows:

June 17 Dallas, TX Verizon Theatre
June 19 Denver, CO Red Rocks
June 20 Salt Lake City, UT USANA Amp
June 22 Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Bowl
June 23 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
June 25 Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery *
June 26 Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery *
June 28 Boise, ID Botanical Gardens
June 29 Seattle, WA White River Amp
June 30 Missoula, MT Big Sky Brewing Company
July 3 Fargo, ND Newman Field**
July 5 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion
July 6 Cincinnati, OH (Venue TBA March 29)
July 8 Lansing, MI Commonground Festival
July 9 Chicago, IL Charter One Pavilion *
July 11 Toronto, ON Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
July 12 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
July 13 Nashville, TN The Woods at Fontanel
July 15 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion
July 16 Boston, MA Bank of America Pavilion %Ï
July 18 Philadelphia, PA Mann Music Ctr
July 19 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
July 20 Holmdel, NJ PNC
July 21 Bangor, ME Waterfront Park
July 23 Lenox, MA Tanglewood
July 25 Charlotte, NC T W Cable Uptown Amp
July 26 Alpharetta, GA Verizon Wireless Amp
July 27 Charleston, SC Family Circle Stadium
July 28 Raleigh, NC Red Hat Amphitheatre
July 30 Brooklyn, NY Celebrate Brooklyn! at the Prospect Park Bandshell
*= BNL & BF5 only
** = BNL & Guster only

Plans are being finalized for some live UK appearances this year and for information about this plus additional information about dates on the “Last Summer On Earth” tour as well as news on exclusive VIP and meet and greet packages go to:

www.barenakedladies.com | www.benfolds.com | www.guster.com | www.lastsummeronearth.com


The Vicar is a legendary music producer, a semi-fictional British eccentric whose life and career is due to be celebrated in a groundbreaking multi-media project that offers a unique expose of the madness of the music industry. His exploits are documented in an ingenious series of whodunnits available as novels, graphic novels, videoblogs and audio books whilst June 1st sees the release of The Vicar Songbook No.1, a chamber pop opus produced by The Vicar himself - showcasing his unique string and chamber arrangements - and featuring some of the world’s outstanding musicians: Cathy Stevens (Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Everything but the Girl), Tony Levin (John Lennon, Paul Simon, King Crimson), Theo Travis (Gong, Soft Machine Legacy, Steven Wilson Band), Steve Sidwell (Robbie Williams, George Michael), Chas Dickie (Van der Graaf Generator, PJ Harvey), Karen Wimhurst (Zaum, English National Opera), Nigel Barr (Michael Nyman Band), Horacio Pozzo (Argentine BigTime Guitar Trio) as well as some extraordinary vocalists, new and old, like Steve Porter, Paul Ibberson & Mutch Katsonga, Mercury Prize nominee Tim Elsenburg, Andy Yorke, Lewis Taylor & David Scott.

The Vicar Songbook No.1 is being made available in hi-res stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound. Dolby Laboratories have chosen this album as the perfect surround-sound showcase, and to celebrate this unique release, they are hosting a thirty minute playback at the state-of-the-art Ray Dolby Theatre at Dolby HQ 4-6 Soho Square on 30th April at 2.30pm.

About The Vicar: The Vicar is a campaigner for artist rights and scourge of the evil empire of the record industry, both fictionally (in the stories) and in reality, such as the recent Fart For Your Rights campaign against UMG. He has “existed” as an artist for about ten years blogging on www.dgmlive.com (where the Vicar Chronicles themselves first appeared as part of an online blog). He may or may not have connections to record producer, songwriter, author, online pioneer and label owner David Singleton, an early music pioneer of music DVDs, co-founder of Bootleg TV, current co-owner of DGM with Robert Fripp, and known for his work with artists as diverse as The Amsterdam Metropole Orchestra, Bill Bruford, The California Guitar Trio, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, the lutenist Jacob Heringman, David Sylvian, John Paul Jones, King Crimson, Bill Nelson, Opus 20 and The Orb.

Read more on www.thevicar.com

Listen to The Vicar: Girl With The Sunshine In Her Eyes and Childhood Days
Watch on YouTube: Count Your Blessings

Tony Mortimer releases his debut solo single "Shake It Down" on FOD Records in June 2013.

Tony Mortimer has confirmed that the first single to be released from his debut solo album will be called Shake It Down. The up-tempo Motown-tinged affair features Mortimer’s decidedly dulcet tones alighting upon the delightful subject of, ahem, dirty dancing and is the first fruits of Mortimer’s solo long player Songs From The Suitcase due for release on FOD Records.

Both the single and album were produced by the legendary Bob Rose at ICP Studios in Brussels and are mooted for release in June 2013.

Tony Mortimer signed to FOD Records in 2012 and his debut album Songs From The Suitcase - incidentally the title comes from the fact that Mortimer carries around hundreds of his songs in a suitcase – focuses on subjects like long-term relationships and growing old and is are as far removed from teen pop as it’s possible to convene.

Indeed, with songs like Out Of The Frame (in which Mortimer appears to rally against his public image as a teenage rapper in a boy band), the instantly memorable Rain In England, a co-write with Julian Lennon, XTC’s Andy Partridge and Marius De Vries and a duet with Julian himself, Hold On, a song about someone falling out of love with you and all the heartbreak that ensues, and End Of The Line, a sparse ballad not un-reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor’s version of Nothing Compares 2 U, Mortimer has seemingly rewritten the rulebook on his career.

Watch Tony Mortimer's debut solo single : SHAKE IT DOWN (password to view is FOD)


Killing Joke co-founder and acclaimed record producer Youth, whose exemplary credentials include the likes of Dido, Paul McCartney, U2, The Verve, Crowded House and The Orb, will make a special appearance on the decks at Brighton’s Club KOVAK at The Blind Tiger Club on Saturday 2nd March. This night of both live music and DJ performance will feature the long-awaited return of KOVAK, the electronic-pop/rock outfit and one of Brighton’s most acclaimed acts, recently described in The Times as “on the verge of making it big”. KOVAK will be debuting new material from their forthcoming album, Modern Lovers, which has already received significant support from Radio 2 and the print press.

The band have been running the popular Club KOVAK for over six years in various Brighton venues and are now taking the night to the curators of the Playgroup Festivals’ venue, The Blind Tiger Club. The band’s renowned club night’s ingredients are superb live acts, including KOVAK themselves, and “name” DJs to keep the audience dancing ‘til the wee hours. Previous Club KOVAKs have featured sets from Mercury Music Prize nominees The Go! Team and Alex Paterson of ambient / electronic duo, The Orb. This time round, at the band’s first club night for nearly two years, the audience can lap up live sounds from a hotly tipped supporting act and KOVAK themselves. The night will conclude with the aforementioned and doubtless spectacular DJ set from producer and Killing Joke bassist, Youth.

KOVAK lead singer Annelies Van de Velde says: “We’re really very excited to have such a big name headline this Club KOVAK night. We’ve gradually watched the night grow and it’s lovely to choose such an intimate and bohemian venue this time round.”

Club KOVAK with legendary producer Youth
Saturday 2nd March / Blind Tiger, Brighton, 10pm to 2am
Youth - DJ set
KOVAK - live

Tickets £5 presale from www.ticketweb.com (£7 on the door)

www.kovak.co.uk | www.youth.me.uk | www.killingjoke.com | www.playgroupbrighton.org


Australian four-piece ME open the main stage at Australia's Big Day Out Festival in January 2013 and return to the UK in March for a headline tour. March 3rd - The Leopard, Doncaster; March 4th - The Duchess, York; March 5th - Barfly, London; March 6th - King Tuts, Glasgow; March 7th - Think Tank, Newcastle; March 8th - Dry Bar, Manchester; March 11th - Kasbah, Coventry.

Australian four-piece ME will be releasing their debut album ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’ on Lizard King Records on 4th March 2013. The theatrical rockers have been causing a big fuss in the UK live circuit having played over a hundred shows already in 2012 and touring with the likes of Kasabian, Twin Atlantic and Panic! at the Disco, the latter tour seeing them play to 30,000 people in ten days. Since April ME have appeared on the bill of London’s legendary Camden Crawl and Brighton’s Great Escape Festival and have completed three more successful UK tours with King Charles, The Xcerts and Motion City Soundtrack, as well as a packed London headline show at The Sebright Arms.

The record opens with the twisted nursery crime theatrics of Hoo Ha ("Mirror, mirror, on the wall, a vain bunch aren't we all"), the band’s live opener and a track that really does set the tone of this epic, rock opera of an album. Vampire!! Vampire!! is less a homage to Twilight and more a straight up, three-minute head rush about the band’s hatred of reality television culture and specifically its creators. “Do yourself a favour, turn the television off, read a book or go support local live music”, offers Luke. Rock and Roll Dandy is a ridiculously catchy homage to past musical glories (or ‘like Suede gone to Download’ according to Q Magazine), steam punk magnum opus and live highlight Westward Backwards is the band s perfect calling card and Trails in the Sky a slice of magnificent orchestral hugeness that hints at the band s stadium filling ambitions.

The album has been produced by ‘Barny’ Barnicott (Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap) and Grammy winning engineer Ian Dowling and the full track listing runs as follows: Hoo Ha; Trails In The Sky; Rock and Roll Dandy; Like A Fox; Westward Backwards; Carousel; Working Life; Under The Sun; Vampire!! Vampire!!; Choral; Your Favourite Colour; Their Song.

“ME look set to make a big splash…they sound huge, dramatic and unutterably exciting” Kerrang!

Read more: metheband.com | facebook.com/metheband Follow ME: twitter.com/meband


Deep Forest, the brainchild of French musician Eric Mouquet, has announced details of their new album set for release on March 4th 2013. The Grammy Award winning world music outfit - sometimes described as an ethnic electronica collective - have sold over ten million albums to date and the new album is a return to Mouquet’s first musical influences, i.e. Africa.

Mouquet says: “The songs within this project are all collaborations with amazing African artists. I wanted to work openly in the studio and no song was composed before the session. All the music came during the time we spent together. This creative process gave songs with different atmospheres, from electro world, reggae to acoustic ballads. I was looking for a warm and wild sound for Deep Africa and the mix between vintage synthesizers, vocals and real African instruments and percussions produced the musical touch I wanted.”

Deep Africa features contributions from South African chanteuse Zama Magadulela, Congolesian singer Lokua Kanza, Cameroon soul singer Blick Bassy, Senegalese vocalist and musician Wasis Diop (reknowned for blending traditional Senegalese folk music with modern pop and jazz), Ivory Coast musician Olyza, Congo-born Lokua Kanza (who traditionally sings in French, Swahili, Lingala, Portuguese, and English), Cameroonian vocalist Dany de Mouataba, Senegalese bassist and singer Alune Wade, Senegalese-French drummer and producer David Fall and Malian guitarist Guimba Kouiate.

Deep Forest have a rich film pedigree having collaborated on film soundtracks and provided material for Robert Altman’s Pret A Porter, the 1995 movie Strange Days, the film version of The Island Of Dr Moreau, the French film Pacifique and the Japanese film Kusa No Ran. The outfit sprung to fame, however, in 1994 with the release of their dance-driven self-titled debut album which received a Grammy Award nomination for Best World Music Album.

Deep Forest release Deep Africa on March 4th 2013.

Read more & listen: www.deep-forest.fr


Electro-pop sensations Kovak release their hotly anticipated new single on February 11th 2013. Entitled ‘Radiate’ the song is reminiscent of Blondie in their finer moments - or at least Debbie Harry fronting some vintage Giorgio Moroder ensemble – and is the band’s strongest and most commercial record to date. It comes hot on the heels of the band’s previous seven inchers,’ the ABBA-esque ‘Living The Dream’ and ‘Killer Boots’, which resulted in Kovak becoming only the second unsigned band to be play-listed on BBC Radio 2.

Subject of a recent two page Times newspaper feature and, indeed, those Radio 2 playlists, Kovak are undoubtedly now one of the hottest, most sought after unsigned bands in the UK. The band have been called “Britain’s answer to the Scissor Sisters” (STAR magazine) whilst the Times suggested that “with their echoes of vintage Blondie disco, Kovak’s line up not only look similar to Debbie Harry’s outfit, they sound like them too.” Even Record Collector were forced to embrace the band’s “irresistible grooves and dance-floor fillers from start to finish.”

Kovak are fronted by the enigmatic blonde chanteuse Annelies Van de Velde whilst the four-piece also comprises brothers Karl Bray (guitars), Darren Bray (drums) and Jonny Scafidi (bass). The band hail from Brighton where they run the successful electro-dance night Club Kovak. The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album with acclaimed BAFTA nominated producer Dom Beken famed for his work with The Orb, KLF and Transit Kings. The album was recorded at Youth’s studio in Malaga and is slated for release in Spring 2013.

Kovak release Radiate via i-Tunes on February 11th 2013.

Watch the 'Radiate' video or listen to it here and Yes it is that good.

More info: www.kovak.co.uk


JAMES have announced details of The Gathering Sound Tour in the UK which kicks off in April 2013. The legendary Manchester band who have released twelve albums and sold more than 20 million albums worldwide will be performing songs from their extensive back catalogue. The band have also now confirmed that Echo and the Bunnymen will be appearing as their very special guests. The two bands will be touring together for the first time. Lead singer Tim Booth said: "It is with great pleasure that we announce our Gathering Sound April tour with the legendary Echo and the Bunnymen as our very special guests. We will be re-working old songs and revealing some new steps - expect the unexpected and prepare yourself for more passion than fifty shades of grey.” The band are currently writing and working on new material together in Scotland.

Tickets go on sale on Friday November 23rd at 10am and the dates run as follows:

Saturday 13 April 2013 Glasgow SECC Hall
Monday 15 April 2013 Newcastle Academy
Tuesday 16 April 2013 Sheffield O2 Academy 1
Wednesday 17 April 2013 Bristol Colston Hall
Friday 19 April 2013 London O2 Brixton Academy
Saturday 20 April 2013 London O2 Brixton Academy
Monday 22 April 2013 Bournemouth O2Academy
Tuesday 23 April 2013 Leeds O2 Academy
Thursday 25 April 2013 Birmingham O2 Academy
Friday 26 April 2013 Manchester Arena

JAMES first-ever boxed set entitled The Gathering Sound is due to be released in the UK on December 10th. The collection covers the band’s career to date and includes all twelve studio albums as a limited edition deluxe set featuring three CDs, a DVD, a 12” vinyl record and an 8GB USB stick.

The Gathering Sound box set is now available for pre-order on Universal Music Store and Amazon.

GENERAL TICKETS ON SALE: FRIDAY 23 NOV AT 10AM via www.gigsandtours.com